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Caroline Lagrange 2013 World Cup Champion

Caroline Lagrange 2013 World Cup Champion

Caroline Lagrange from Canada won the 49th Qubica-AMF bowling World Cup on  November 23 in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia. 78 countries were participating in the competition.


Caroline maintained an average of 241, 85 after 40 games. She defeated Cherie Tan from Singapur 2 games against 1 in the TV final . The third place was taken by Aumi Guerra from Dominican Republica.

On the men side, the first place went to Or Aviram from Israël, the second place went to Guy Caminski from South Africa while the Russian Alexei Parshukov took the third position. The Canadien representant, Larry Salvati finished 27th  out of  74.

It was a second title for Lagrange in World Cup . She had won it previously in Malaysia in 2009.

Coaching the Canadian team was Tyrel Rose.

You can watch an interview of Caroline on Global TV here:

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