Adult Tournaments 2021-2022

Adult Tournaments 2021-2022

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Tournament Results – 2021-2022

4th City Wide Beat Your Average Tournament
1st place winner of the 2022 Beat Your Average Tournament: Robert Boutin +142
Some winners of the 2022 Beat Your Average tournament from the Chateauguay Terrace league, left to right: Roxanne Leduc, 6th place with a +110, Rob Lang, 2nd place +120, Robert Boutin, 1st place +142, Gerry Czormobaj, 21st place +77 and Melanie Poupart, 3rd place +112.


From left to right from the East End Classic league: Chris Garceau, 4th place with +111 , Marc Robillard, 11th +101, Morris Perlis, 25th +74.