Junior Tournaments 2023-2024

Junior Tournaments 2023-2024

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9th Benoit Loiseau Memorial Tournament 


11 and under Girls: Naomie Alarie, winner and Léa-Kim Leduc, 2nd place with Mr. Dave Poupart, Manager of Quillorama St-Francis

Marie-Jeanne Audit, winner of the 12-14 Girls division
Kaylee Downes-Marcus, winner of the 15-17 Girls division
Carly McCunn, winner of the 18-21 Girls division
Théo Tessier Plouffe, 2nd place and Logan Peach, winner of the 11 and under Boys division
Nathan Yarmush, 1st place and Lyam-Olivier Beaudoin, 2nd place of the 12-12 Boys division
Nikahiktaa Stacey, 2nd place and Jonathan Lee, winner of the 15-17 Boys division
Justin Vézina, winner of the 18-21 Boys division