When did the GMTBA get formed?

The GMTBA was formed in 2004, but our history goes well beyond that. As the province’s local association we serve within our national governing body, the Canadian Tenpin Federation. Prior to 2004, with links to the USA, Montreal bowlers were served by separate boards for male and female members. When the CTF was formed as a purely Canadian entity, the GMTBA was formed as a fusion of the men’s and women’s boards.

Since then we have been offering our services to bowling centers, leagues, their executives and bowlers, to better the enjoyment of our sport. 

When does the GMTBA Board meet?

We meet at roughly monthly intervals throughout the bowling season. We also have multiple committee meetings during the summer to make sure that things are well set up prior to the year.

The summer has been an especially busy one for us. The ‘off-season’ for the GMTBA includes setting up the youth and adult tournament schedule for the upcoming season, compiling the information for the printing of the yearbook, inspecting our member centers for lane certification, and the updating of this website.

For information on when we meet, and when you can compete in our tournaments, please visit our calendar section.