Why Sanction?

So why should you bowl in a sanctioned league? Because sanctioning is like a guarantee that you are playing in an environment that is fair and equal to other bowlers. To maintain the integrity of the sport, the GMTBA enforces the rules and regulations laid down by the CTF, so sanctioned leagues in Montreal function much the same as sanctioned leagues in Edmonton, Alberta. We will take punitive measures, but ideally, we look to early detection as a means of solving problems before they lead to serious trouble.

We offer league bonding (prize fund protection), awards, certification, rule enforcement, league services, junior bowling, coaching, etc… And all of this in an unobtrusive manner to allow our members the chance to get the most out of their bowling experience.

Why the GMTBA?

So why become a member of the GMTBA? Because doing so not only supports bowling as a national and international sport, but because it gives you the opportunity to be heard. The GMTBA Board is made up of elected bowlers looking to give back. The election takes place at our Annual General Meeting, and any member-bowler in good standing can be elected to the board.

Running an organization of thousands of members isn’t easy, but the satisfaction in contributing to the betterment of the sport at the local level is well worth the hours of volunteering.